Out of my comfort zone!

Laying on my bed thinking how monotonous life has become. Wake up, go to office, lunch, office, home, sleep, wake up, and on repeat. ‘I need some color in my life’. Wait. Hold on. That’s how the idea pop up! Now i get it…

Just as this thought crossed my mind, beep beep, a message dropped into my phone. Which read, “Hi! You have **** credits in your so&so wallet. Visit us soon to redeem it”. Aha! What a timing.

Gush of excitement rushed through me and the first thing i did was book a cab. Speaking of cab’s, don’t you think they play a huge role in how your day starts? I mean lets say you are planning for a movie date with your friends, and your movie starts in the next 45 minutes. So you book your cab but the cab driver keeps asking you to cancel the trip because he ain’t nearby for the pickup #eventhoughheis10minsaway . But then again if you cancel, you have to pay the cancellation amount. Yeah i know you can redeem back the cancellation fee, but seriously how many more times can you do that right! Worst case is when you have cancelled several times already and the next cab driver asks you to cancel again, you say ‘nahi bhaiyaji aap mere location pe aa jayiye, nahi aana hai toh aap cancel kijiye’. And it ends up with neither he cancels the trip nor you and the chicken game is ON #andyourmoodisalreadyfuckedupbynow. You can’t book any other cab because the previous one hasn’t been cancelled yet. By this time your movie starts in another 10 minutes and the movie hall is about 20 minutes drive from your place. So what happens next?

Your mood is spoilt. Cab driver keeps cancelling on you. Friends keep calling you as the movie has started. And you dont feel like going anymore. Your excited movie mood has just gone down the drain. Also now all you want to do is find the annoying driver’s and give a nice scolding. #dream

Okay coming back to the cab that i ordered, reached my location within 6 minutes! This boosted up my mood even more. I grabbed my bag and ran towards the cab with a super excited mood and all i could think of was ‘i need some color in my life’. Like literally.

My usual hair salon that sent me the message earlier was about 25 minutes drive from my place. So on the way i googled “ideas for hair dye” and varieties popped up. I listed down the hair colors that i wore before, like henna powder check, black check, brown check, burgundy check, plum shade check, light blonde check, dark blonde check, which caught my attention ‘hey, grey!’ Sure why not. I made up my mind, i will dye my hair grey. Ok. Done.

“Hello madam, how may i help you”, said the receptionist. I go, “umm i want to change my hair look“. “Sure why not, but will you be willing to wait an hour as our hair stylist is out for home service. He will be back soon. By this time you can have a look at our catalogue and decide what you want”. “I want to dye my hair grey“, i replied immediately. The receptionist looked at me and asked if i am sure. Lol. I said yes i am sure. She asked the hair stylist over phone if grey shade is available and he replied ‘No’.

Arrgh! What a mood spoiler.

First i have to wait over an hour for the hair stylist, and second they dont have the color of my choice. So why wait. I said thanks and left.

As i come out of the elevator, i see a new salon in the opposite building. I go in, ask the hair stylist if they have grey shade and to my disappointment he replies ‘No’. As the salon was a new one i thought why not explore what they got for me. The hair stylist spread out varieties of hair colors they had in collection, and my eyes fell on this beautiful shiny shade named “magenta red“. It spelt red, but it looked maroon with a hint of pink. And it was bright!

This is it. I want this. Done.

My ‘i need some color in my life’ mood enlightened. I wanted a change so bad. I wanted something i have never done before, something out of my comfort zone. During the process i kept on telling myself “you are a working professional lady now and you are dyeing your hair super bright red”. Gulp. I am definitely gonna regret this, actually maybe i am already regretting it. But then again the #yolo angel resting on my left shoulder kept on bugging me saying “Do it, do it, do it. You should try new things out, you only live once”.

The #yolo angel was quite convincing you know, like i am on my early twenties, if not now then when. And also 20 years from now i can look back at my old pictures and say yeah thats me and yeah i did that and yeah it does kill your hair. Duh!

‘I am a Weasley’ thats what came to my mind when it was done. If you are a harry potter fan, you will get what i meant. I looked like a person out of an anime movie but with an ugly fat face. I had to look at myself closely and digest the latest fact that my head is blasting bright red. Wow. But you know what, i loved it !

Some of you reading this must be thinking whats the big deal i have done blue, green, copper, pink, purple, mint, orange, etcetera etcetera.

But for me it is a big deal. If possible my grandma would chop off my hair, my dad might not talk to me, my mom may emotional blackmail me to go back to looking normal #buwahaha #justsaying.

Until i turned 17; my hair, my skin, my clothes, my shoes and everything was my mommy’s. I did what she would tell me. I wouldnot even get my hair trimmed without asking her. A perfectly stubbornish obedient child. When i went to college and wanted my first chemical loaded hair dye, mommy said, “you are a grown up now, do as you wish but keep it to a certain limit ok” #ilovemymom. And now that i look like an apple, does is fall under the ‘keep it to a certain limit’ list or have i crossed the line?

I took a cab and returned back home and i see my friend answering the door with a super gigantic eyes wide open and saying “Opi ! Whaaatt”. I replied calmly, “just give it a few days and you will get used to it”. Wow. What a first reaction. Lets see what happens tomorrow in the office.

The thing is if it were a chill cool lifestyle office, i would have cared less. But it is not. My office has a serious vibe, where i hardly smile. My job is a risky business and i have a complete different personality when at office. Now think. Think how will i carry off that ‘different personality opiyung’ with a bright red hair. The combo doesnot fit.

I did show up in the morning with a low bun hairdo and added my glasses to it with the hope that i could nullify the red effect somehow. #howiwish. My bosses came in and spoke to me in a very normal way not even looking at my hair. No reaction at all. An hour of awkwardness and then they left. Phew! A sigh of relief. Its done. I can act normal starting tomorrow. But obviously they did notice it #helloitsabrightredhowcanyoumissit. You know what, I liked the no reaction though.

I returned back home from office feeling phew the day is done. I have faced the first day of awkwardness and from tomorrow i will be back to feeling normal. Yes!

Now the only concern is how my mom & dad will react. #letthescoldingstayprivateok #notsharing #prayforopiyung

Thank you for reading and keep visiting!

With much love, ~ O

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In memory of my tree.

Do you ever feel like you are trying so hard, working so hard, but you dont see any positive outcomes of it ?

Do you ever feel like whatever you do, whichever way be it, it is always a failure?

You are not alone.

Everybody has been through that phase. Maybe some individuals come out of that phase earlier than others, but be patient, you will too.

Hi, i am Opiyung and this is my diary. And i jot down my random thoughts on this page of mine. So if you happen to be a new visitor, thank you and welcome :).

Today is 22nd of May 2018. What a wonderful day it is! This morning just as i was going through my instagram feeds, i felt a slight breeze on my feet. I looked out of the window and yes it was raining. I love rain! I went out to my balcony and sat there, feeling the breeze and gazing at the beautiful scenic view. I am just so blessed to have a place at guwahati where i cannot even hear a single honking of the city traffic.

Anyways, coming back to what i was saying earlier, about keeping patience. I have come across people who hustle through everything and yet it is disappointment all along, I have come across people who would tell me how frustrated they are with their failure life, i have also come across people who are just lazy asses and complain about things not working out for them.

There are billions of people with zillions of stories. I am one of them with my own happy, sad, exciting, failure stories. Long time back i had decided its no point complaining. Clock ticks on, and we need to keep moving. Time is the only constraint that doesnot stop for anything or anyone.

I know everybody does, and so do i, somedays i feel down and cannot really figure out if i am sad, stressed or depressed. Somedays i think why am i doing with whatever i am doing. Is it worth it? Will it matter 20 years from now? When i keep on thinking (actually over thinking) about all this, i feel down again.

If you ask me which quote i live by, unhesitently i say it is “whatever happens, happens for a reason”. I can swear on this quote. It has helped me through a lot for the past few years. I swear. And i will always go by this quote.

Its not that you do nothing, stay at home sleeping and think this is happening for a reason, no! Keep trying, do what you want and have to do, give your best and then if you fail, think of this quote. Don’t lose hope. Keep trying.

You must be thinking yeah yeah it is easy to say, but hard to be pragmatic. I know. I know it must be hard and it will be hard. I am a very young girl who hasn’t much seen the world and haven’t experienced much. But i choose to be positive and create my own thoughts. What you feed to your mind, is what you become.

So be positive!

So this morning while i was at my balcony, sipping my fresh hot coffee, i looked at this tall coconut tree in the garden. It bore coconut seeds. The tree reminded me of a coconut tree we had back in my parents home. As a kid i had always been so excited to see trees bearing fruits. #becauseiusuallyseefruitsinthemarket #pluckingandeatingdirectfromthetreeissointeresting #dontyouthink? My older sisters told me if you pour salty water to the coconut tree it will bear fruit quicker. Well that was it. I would wake up early, get salt, mix it to a bucket of water, carry it to the garden and pour it on my dear coconut tree. Days turned into week, weeks turned into months, but i saw no fruit seed on my dear tree. Whatsoever. I did this for maybe 2-3 months. Alas! i gave up. And sadly few years later my parents had to chop down my dear coconut tree. #forhomextensionwork

(To kanya #sister2, you lied me about the salt water theory na? Buddhu banaya tha na. Vo watermelon vala theory bhi buddhu banaya na🙄 #mysistersalwaysmakesupstories #andibelieveit #everysingletime 🙄 youngest baby ko hamesha buddhu banaya jata hai🙄 #howiwishihadayoungerbro/sis) haha

Accha toh back to present. Now that i see this tree in my garden, which bears dozens of coconut seeds, it makes me happy. It really does. The tree didn’t needed extra special magical salt water to bear fruits quicker. It sustained through wind and storms, and grew from within. And when its time came, it bore fruits. This is magical. This is the result. And its beautiful.

Baat ye hai ki, nobody cared of the damn coconut tree until it bore fruits. Isn’t it? Likewise, nobody really cares until you actually achieve success in your life. Its a one man journey, your journey. None will come to your rescue. You will have to grow from within. Face failure and learn from it. Every step is a lesson. Why be scared and embarrased of failing? Everyone you know has gone and is going through it at some point in their life. So embrace your failures and move on! You have come this far, you are growing and you are doing absolutely fine.

Miles to go before you sleep!

#bepositive #staypositive #thingswillworkout #soonerorlater

With much love, ~O

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Lets get started.


Phew! I can’t really recall since when, but it’s for sure that I have always wanted to start a blog of my own. A blog need not always be on a specific subject right? So here i am, using this blog account as my little space to exhaust. To be honest i never really was a writer neither am i one now, so please do excuse me if you happen to come across my poor grammar, poor choice of metaphor and sometimes sad jokes. OK, so lets get started!

Oh wait. Excitement ate up my good manners.. my apologies.

Hi/hello/namaste, thank you for visiting my page! Lots of love. For those who don’t know me, my name is Opiyung. For starter it might seem a bit mouthful to pronounce it, but with time it will be easier I promise. Lol.

Born the youngest to the family on 29th March 1995, I am more than blessed to be a part of the Tage clan. My beautiful blessed family includes my dad, mom, grandma, sister1, brother, sister2, sister3 and the last but not the least, the cutest of all, me. Hahaha. #okiagreeiamnotcute #butwhateverduhhh

Family photo, throwback to 2014 December.

4 sisters, 1 brother. Ahhh I love us. So many stories, so many memories, and yes catfights. #scratchesareonlyamongthesistersok #brotheriscool #girlsbecrazy

Time flies by.. we no longer pull each others hair, in fact now we pay for each others hair salon appointments. Sisterhood is awesome, isn’t it 🙂

My mom on the other hand has always been more like a sister than a mother. So fun! But sometimes it gets out of hand, like, I am a scapegoat at times (mommies always aims for the youngest ones). You know what i mean right. She will try to get all the information of the whereabouts of my brother and sisters out of me, like who is dating who, like is their relationship serious, like who is that guy, like get me the info, like, like, like, like, and the like list goes on.

I go “mumma please don’t make me do this, if you are so much interested go ask kaku herself if she has a boyfriend or not”. My mom then goes “I know that she does, but i want to know who“. #alwaysdiggingiswear #kakupleasetellmomifyouhaveabf #shehasbeenbuggingmeaskingaboutit


I miss this. i miss all of it. i miss the times when we were all together, being kids, no responsibilities, no office hours, no unhappy faces. Adulthood has been tough, and mind it, it gets tougher. But what keeps me going is my family’s smile and motivation. What’s life you ask? This is life. Life is not always smooth and easy, and also not always about how loaded is your account or how many places you have visited, it’s about these little things that makes us happy and smile, the little details that makes us laugh. Sometimes life is about finding happiness and making peace with all that you have. No matter how poor one might be in terms of gandhi, but one will never be poor when it comes to love. So cultivate your time with your near and dear ones, because happiness ignites where there is love and respect.

With much love, ~O


P.S: I will try and post every now and then so do pay visits at opiyungsdiary.com and also you can find my updates on instagram account o_piyung